Saturday, March 5, 2011

Everything comes in 3's

Well they say all "good" things comes in 3's (or occasionally the bad too). Two out of the 3 are super in our house and the last makes my heart heavy! We celebrated Jacks 3 month birthday last week. Wow, where has the time gone. He is the happiest baby boy and loves to smile and giggle. He adores music, his exersaucer, and tv! Yes, I said tv. If I turn it on he freezes in his track and will watch it forever. It is very cute especially when you can watch his mouth move as he concentrates on it. =) We have also introduced his high chair to him. He will sit in it for a short time and then he gets frustrated but we are working on it. Tummy time is still not one of his favorite activities but we continue to do it so he will get stronger. We are super proud of our little man and in awe at how quickly he is growing up!

Last Sunday was such an amazing day! Jacks was baptized at our church with all our immediate family there. It was such a beautiful ceremony and such a special day. Msgr.Creary spoke about how we are his first teachers and to lead by example in faith and daily virtues. This is obviously something we already knew but when he spoke about it...i really started to think about it. It is an honor to be the mommy to this precious boy and I will continue to pray that I will lead him to be a strong man one day. It is amazing that your heart can love something so much and in such a short time. We are absolutely blessed beyond words and so thankful!

And lastly, I go back to work on Monday. =( It has been a tough week at our house for sure. My heart is SO HEAVY to say the least. I have been very fortunate to be home with Jacks since November but it doesn't make leaving him any easier. He will be with Mark's mother at her home and in great care. I know this but I still worry and don't want to miss anything (which is my biggest fear). Please say a special prayer for us next week. I pray that I will be stronger than I think and that our transition will go smoothly. I pray for Mark's strength to calm me ( yes I will admit he will need it) and I pray for my sweet boy that he does great his first week!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! XOXO

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