Saturday, March 5, 2011

Everything comes in 3's

Well they say all "good" things comes in 3's (or occasionally the bad too). Two out of the 3 are super in our house and the last makes my heart heavy! We celebrated Jacks 3 month birthday last week. Wow, where has the time gone. He is the happiest baby boy and loves to smile and giggle. He adores music, his exersaucer, and tv! Yes, I said tv. If I turn it on he freezes in his track and will watch it forever. It is very cute especially when you can watch his mouth move as he concentrates on it. =) We have also introduced his high chair to him. He will sit in it for a short time and then he gets frustrated but we are working on it. Tummy time is still not one of his favorite activities but we continue to do it so he will get stronger. We are super proud of our little man and in awe at how quickly he is growing up!

Last Sunday was such an amazing day! Jacks was baptized at our church with all our immediate family there. It was such a beautiful ceremony and such a special day. Msgr.Creary spoke about how we are his first teachers and to lead by example in faith and daily virtues. This is obviously something we already knew but when he spoke about it...i really started to think about it. It is an honor to be the mommy to this precious boy and I will continue to pray that I will lead him to be a strong man one day. It is amazing that your heart can love something so much and in such a short time. We are absolutely blessed beyond words and so thankful!

And lastly, I go back to work on Monday. =( It has been a tough week at our house for sure. My heart is SO HEAVY to say the least. I have been very fortunate to be home with Jacks since November but it doesn't make leaving him any easier. He will be with Mark's mother at her home and in great care. I know this but I still worry and don't want to miss anything (which is my biggest fear). Please say a special prayer for us next week. I pray that I will be stronger than I think and that our transition will go smoothly. I pray for Mark's strength to calm me ( yes I will admit he will need it) and I pray for my sweet boy that he does great his first week!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! XOXO

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

All you need is love!

Today was a wonderful Valentine's Day for our little family! Jacks began the day with a walk at Cameron Brown Park with his sweetie Sutton! The weather today was absolutely beautiful! Then we went up to school to visit and celebrate this day with my kiddos. It was so wonderful seeing everyone and I was so happy they could all meet Jacks. Then Mark made a wonderful steak dinner. Yum! Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! Hope it was perfect and full of love!~

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hotty Toddy

Wow...I swore I was going to be better at keeping this blog up to date but with so much going on it can be near impossible. Things have been super busy around here. Jacks is awake most of the day and ready to play at all times. Right now, he loves to smile at you and will follow you with his eyes. It is so cute because he will cut his eyes over and watch from the side like he is sneaky! Haha! We love it and I have to say Mark is the best at getting him to smile. I have a feeling that he already knows his Daddy is all play and Mommy is business. lol.

The past few weekends Mark has been super busy with baseball! Already...I know! He did a camp with some other professional players the last weekend in January in Olive Branch and then this past weekend with some students from my school. Both were a huge success and I know everyone had a great time. They also lucked out with beautiful weather which seems hard to come by these days. Speaking of...they say more snow is coming tomorrow! YUCK! I am beyond ready for spring and warmer weather.

I have to mention or I guess I should be ashamed to say but we went to Oxford over the weekend. I am not ashamed of Oxford (it is heaven on earth) but more ashamed that it was only the 2nd time we have been back since I graduated. I know...very sad! I agree! We are going to do better and have already begun making plans to go back VERY soon! We were in town for the 1st annual baseball alumni weekend. We had a wonderful time and I think Jacks did too. After all, it was like a recruiting visit for our future rebel! Ha! Friday night was a cocktail social with all the alumni and guest. We enjoyed catching up with everyone and Jacks was PERFECT. I swear we have been blessed with the best most easy going baby...I will admit that he did not get that from me. He was passed around and loved on all night long! Probably the best part was sitting back and watching the boys share old stories. They were hilarious and solidifies that boys will never change!Good times~ Then on Saturday there was an alumni game for all current professionals verse the current team. Mark pitched in the third inning. It was short and sweet...8 pitches 3 outs and that concluded the inning! WAY TO GO! His first question when he got back up to the boxes was " Did Jacks see it?" ... In his dreams I am sure because he slept right through it!

Well that is really it for now. I am meeting some teachers from my school tonight for dinner and I am looking forward to visiting with them. Only a few more weeks off and I will be back to work. Mixed emotions for sure~ till then I am going to enjoy every second with my sweet little man and my big one too! =) Hope the weather does not get to bad tomorrow. Stay safe and warm everyone~


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Special intentions

Some nights things weigh on your heart more than others, especially in this crazy economy. Tonight I will say a special prayer for someone very dear to my heart and for all the others out there suffering!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jacks new favorite thing!

I thought I would add a picture of Jacks new favorite toy I mentioned in my last post.



First, happy 2 months to our sweet baby boy! I have been amazed at how quickly time has flown by. He is getting so big already and we love watching him change each day!

Yesterday, we went to see Dr. Catherine for our 2 month check up and shots. I was so nervous about this and had completely worked myself up. I cried the second the nurse said the words "Do you want to stay in here?" Who would have ever thought I would react this way on our first shot visit? So I decided to stay in there and watch Mark be brave and hold him as Tracy the nurse began the shots. We definitely heard a scream we have never heard before, but the second Mark picked him up Jacks was fine. I was still heartbroken. Today, Jacks is doing much better and smiling again. We have been taking Tylenol every four hours to keep his fever down and help with the soreness. His poor legs did get the lumps in them and were a little swollen. I am so glad that is behind us until we go back at 4 months! Now onto the good part...

Our little man is getting BIG!!!!! Sunday night we were guessing he would be about 9 lbs. Boy were we off!! He is a whopping 10 lbs 6 oz now! HOLY COW! We were so surprised but very proud of his continued healthy growth. He is now 21 inches long. According to the percentiles, his head and height were in the 10th percentile and his weight was in the 25th. Dr. Catherine said he will catch up quicker than we think so not to worry! Overall, he had a GREAT visit and according to our doctor "He is just PERFECT" and we couldn't agree more!

No visit to the doctor would be complete without a treat for Jacks. After all, he was very well behaved. =) We went to Target right after to buy a small happy. We decided on a Fisher Price projector and music player because Jacks loves lights. It has been a hit and I would recommend it to anyone with a little one. HE LOVES IT!!!!!

Hope to post his 2 month pics soon! ~


Friday, January 21, 2011


Loving the koala bear on my play mat!

I love these sweet moments so much with him.

Today the dragon fly stole the show for Jacks.


Hotty Toddy Yall!
(Check out those BIG BLUE EYES)

Things have been busy lately around our home with lots of snow and sleepless nights. Jacks has his days and nights mixed up for sure these days! He is wide awake starting about 9 every night and will stay up some nights until 4 in the morning! We are doing our best to keep him up during the day but there is only so much you can do to keep a newborn awake. He also is a very sound sleeper (which will be great for baseball games) so therefore nothing wakes him up! Haha...

Lately, we have had lots of snow which is unusual for Memphis so we have been staying in by a warm fire and enjoying playing with our little one. Jacks is getting so big and loves playing on his play mats. He will squeal and giggle the whole time. I think we may enjoy this time more than he does right now because we love hearing him burst out in pure joy! What a beautiful blessing that we have! Here are a few fun pictures from the past few weeks of our sweet peanut. Keep us in your prayers next Monday as we go in for Jacks two month checkup and shots! I am already dreading it and hoping he won't cry for to be honest he doesn't cry much so the thought of it already breaks my heart! I will be sure to let you know how he does next week! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and if you are in Memphis enjoy the snow tonight and tomorrow! Xox0

Oh and I can't forget to mention... I received wonderful pregnancy news from one of my best friends from Mark's playing days with the Cubs! We are so very excited for this sweet couple and can't wait for next September! =) Also, Jacks had a new best friend born since our last post. Welcome to the world Molly Bridge Fox! We already love you so much and are so thankful you made it here safely. We hope to travel to see you very soon.~